Research of working area development parameters in conditions of deep steep deposit finalizing

A. Adamchuk1, O. Shustov1, A. Shustova1, V. Tertyshnyi1

1Dnipro University of Technology, Dnipro, Ukraine

Coll. res. pap. nat. min. univ. 2019, 57:8-18


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Purpose. To develop a methodology for calculating the parameters of the development of the working area and the appropriate position of the contours of a career in the final development of deep steep deposits in a surface mining method.

The methods.Determining the dependencies of the parameters of surface mine processing of steeply dipping deposits of deep occurrence, namely, their volumes and cross-sectional areas, was carried out by decomposing a complex phenomenon (total amount of working up of the deposit’s reserves) into simple ones: its contour and deep zone. The algorithm includes methods of analysis, abstraction, synthesis and generalization.

Findings. Formulas for calculating the volume of mineral reserves in the contour and deep zone are obtained. The nature of the influence of the parameters of the deep steeply dipping deposits by the surface mining method on the expedient positions of the current and design surface mine contours is established. It is established that the smallest average stripping coefficient is achieved with the minimum value of the sum of the mineral resources of the contour zone of the lying and hanging sides of the deposit in the design position. The smallest current stripping ratio is achieved with the minimum value of the sum of the mineral volumes of the contour zone of the lying and hanging sides of the deposit, as well as the working side of the surface mine in the current position.

The originality.To control the working area, two new parameters were introduced: the distance from the project contour of the open pit in the lying side to the intersection of the contour line of mineral resources on the lying side and surface (bx), as well as the distance from the upper edge of the pit in the reclining side in the design position on the upper edge of the pit edge in the hanging side in the current position (b').

Practical implication.A method has been developed for calculating the parameters of the contour and deep zone of the deposit, which allows us to more accurately calculate the contour and current stripping factors, as well as correct them by controlling the parameters of transport schemes and overload, as well as the new parameters introduced.

Keywords:refinement of mine reserves, deep steep deposits, mineral volume, overburden ratio, working area parameters, mathematical model.


  1. Moldabayev, S.K., Shustov, O.O., Adamchuk, A.A., & Sultanbekova, Z.Z. (2019) Justification of transfer parameters in conditions of deep zone development of iron ore surface mines. Sustainable development of resource-saving technologies in mineral mining and processing : multi-authored monograph. Petroșani, Romania: UNIVERSITAS Publishing, 138-155.
  2. Dryzhenko, A.Yu. (2014). Vidkryti hirnychi roboty. Dnipropetrovsk: NHU.



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