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 The collection of scientific papers of the National Mining University is issued and reviewed according to the requirements of State Qualification Committee of Ukraine (Appendix 9 to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine # 1604 of 22.12.2016) for scientific specialized publications which can represent the results of dissertation papers for obtaining degrees of Doctor and Candidate of  Technical Sciences in following specialties:05.02.08 – Technology of Machine-Building;  05.02.09 – Dynamics and Durability of Machines;  05.05.06 – Mining Machines; 05.09.03 – Electrical Engineering Complexes and Systems;  05.13.06 – Information Technologies;  05.13.07 – Automation of the Control Processes;  05.15.01 – Mine Surveying;  05.15.02 – Underground Mining;  05.15.03 – Open-Pit Mining;  05.15.04 – Mine and Underground Construction;  05.15.08 – Mineral Dressing;  05.15.09 – Geotechnical and Mining Mechanics;  21.06.01 – Environmental Safety;  05.26.01 – Labour Safety.



for publishing in the collection

 Taking into account standard requirements for the preparation of printed articles, recommendations of the Central Institute of Bibliography of Ukraine of 07.09.04 # 1291/11 and the resolution of the Higher Attestation Committee of Ukraine of 21.03.2008 # 1-04 / 5 “On the approval of New requirements for periodic scientific specialized publications”, the articles containing new scientific and practical results of the authors’ research which have not been published before and correspond the specialization of the “Collection…” are accepted to be published in the “Collection…”. Structure of the scientific article should cover following elements: statement of the problem, analysis of the latest research and publications analyzing solutions of the represented problem and which author is founded on, highlighting of certain problems of the general study which have not been solved before; formulation of the objectives of the article (setting objectives); statement of basic material of the study with complete substantiation of the obtained scientific results; conclusion concerning the study; references.  


Recommended structure of an article:

• introduction – statement of the problem in general and its relation to important scientific practical programmes; analysis of recent studies and publications containing the analysis of solution of the problem which author is founded on; highlighting of certain problems of the general study which have not been solved before (up to 40 lines);

• formulation of the article objectives (statement of the problem) (up to 20 lines);

• statement of basic material of the research with complete substantiation of the obtained scientific results (5-8 lines);

• conclusions of the research with the emphasis on the novelty, theoretical and practical importance of the obtained scientific results, prospects of further studies of the problem (up to 30 lines);

• references – as a rule, references to the sources of literature (not more than 5) are given in the introduction while analyzing recent studies and publications which author is founded on.

 Text of the article (in Ukrainian, Russian or English) is of 6-10 pages including tables, graphs, and figures is submitted to the editorial board either on USB flashdrive or by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with printed version of 1 copy on A4 format paper. Text should be printed in Times New Roman font, font size – 14, in Microsoft Office Word editor; the article should be prepared as follows: 

* UDC,left alignment, in capital letter.

* Initials, surname of the author in the language the paper is written in as well as in English; recommended reference for full name transliteration is

* The title of the paper is in capital letters in the language the paper is written in as well as in English, in bold, central alignment (no word breaks or abbreviations are allowed).

* Expanded abstract (not less than 1800 type characters!) in Russian and Ukrainian containing  the objective of the paper, its methodology, results of the research, scientific novelty, practical value and key words. Font size is 12, indention is 0.7 cm.

* Text of the paper containing introduction, topicality of the research, formulation of the objective, analysis of previous studies, main part, conclusions, and recommendations. .

* References are submitted in order of their mentioning in the text in the original language (without transliteration) according to APA style (name-date method), font size is 12. While compiling the references it is recommended to use following online resource- If paper has DOI (digital object identification), then it should be indicated.

* References are followed by the expanded abstract in English (not less than 1800 type characters!) containing the objective of the paper, its methodology, results of the research, scientific novelty, practical value and key words.

* Textisformatted with full-page alignment and line interval being1.0. All margins are 2 cm. Indention is 1 cm. Pages are not marked with numbers.

* Formulas in the text should be printed in Word Equation application according to the sizes shown in the figure.



font size14

Large index

font size12

Small index

font size11

Large symbol

font size16

Small symbol

font size12



* Tables, graphs, and their legends should be right in the text being implemented in the document as the objects if they were created in Excel and other applications.

* Figures should be in black-and-white representation being built into the text where an author refers to them.



Following information should be submitted to the editorial body of the “Collection…”:

1. Electronic variant and printed information about the authors, containing full name (name, surname, patronymic); position; degree; place of work (full name of the organization and its postal address); telephone number, e-mail.

2. Expert evaluation as for the possibility to publish the material in open press.

3. Abstract of the minutes of the department/ laboratory explaining: general character of the article (the paper is of fundamental or applied value, experimental (results of modeling, data of production testing …) theoretical (description of new calculation method …) etc.; relevance of the material to the selected specialization (index); personal contribution of the author; novelty of the obtained results; recommendations for the material publication.

Papers are published after their reviewing and making positive decision by the expert and editorial board of the Collection as for the paper publishing. 

Authors are personally responsible for plagiarism and English translation of their abstracts!