Choice of a rational strategy of measurement of details on a coordinating measuring machine Mora Primus 564

A. Bohdanov1, V. Zakora1

1Dnipro University of Technology, Dnipro, Ukraine

Coll. res. pap. nat. min. univ. 2019, 57:88-96


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Purpose.Development and analysis of the strategy of measuring parts on the coordinate measuring machine. A strategy is a measurement strategy that allows measurement of parameters with sufficient accuracy and in a short period of time.

Research methodswere based on theoretical metrology when modeling instrumental errors of measuring instruments, theoretical foundations of instrument making technology and mechanical engineering. Measurements were made in manual and automatic modes with control of the geometric dimensions of the parts. During measurements, the Mora Primus 564 coordinate measuring machine was used.

Research results.The widespread use of machine tools with numerical control in production increases the requirements for the controls used, the use of coordinate measuring machines in control has become an adequate response.  Several strategies have been developed for measuring the geometrical dimensions of parts using special INCA 3D software. A comparative analysis was carried out. The most productive strategy of control of geometric parameters, which provides sufficient accuracy, is determined.

Scientific novelty.For the first time, a rational strategy of measuring parts by the contact method on an instrumentation machine was proposed. The use of this strategy will improve the performance and accuracy of control of parts, reduce the risks of the manufacturer and the consumer during the acceptance control of the geometric parameters of parts of complex shape.

Practical value.The software implementation of the technology of the contact method of measuring parts on the coordinate measuring machine allows one to reasonably choose the measurement strategy at the stage of checking the accuracy of manufactured products. The use in the educational process of manual and automatic measurement of parts on the coordinate measuring machine will improve knowledge and skills, increase the level of competence of graduates of higher educational institutions in the field of technical measurements and control of parts.

Keywords:coordinate-measuring machine, measurement, accuracy, control, strategy, measuring time.


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