Substantiation of technology of development of technogenic deposit of Novotroitsky enterprise

G. Pcholkin1, О. Valenkо1

1Dnipro University of Technology, Dnipro, Ukraine

Coll.res.pap.nat.min.univ. 2020, 60:116-124


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Purpose. Choosing a rational technological scheme for the development and justification of economic feasibility of production of commodity products <25 mm from the waste of the factory on the basis of Novotroitsk enterprise.

Methodology. The method of analysis and synthesis was used in the research to study scientific sources and the structure of waste heaps. A graphoanalytic method was also applied to simulate the workflow of various technological schemes. The mathematical and economic method was used in the establishment of expedient and more economical technology of development of technogenic limestone deposit.

Results. The paper analyzes the scientific sources for determining the composition of the waste heaps of mineral processing, which made it possible to determine the feasibility of their use as technogenic, which can be a raw material for the production of metallurgical fluxes, cement, lime, crushed stone, mineral flour.The possibility of using technologies of development of technogenic field with various mining equipment using mobile screens, and comparative geometrical and technological parameters are considered. This made it possible to establish: the most appropriate development technology using the Volvo L220 wheel loaders and the Maximus 522 mobile screen, at the expense of lower investment costs, running costs and payroll.

Scientific novelty. The expediency of development of anthropogenic field has been determined. Possible technologies of development of the deposit are considered, the rational scheme of development was offered. The economic effect of the application for development technology of technogenic limestone deposit was calculated.

Practical significance. The effective technology of development of technogenic limestone deposit has been developed. Which takes into account the use of mobile equipment and allows: to use resource-saving and low-waste technologies; to enter the enterprise into new markets, to expand the scope of its products: production of mineral powder, building materials; to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise, the rational use of minerals, to increase the economic feasibility of the enterprise.

Key words. technogenic field, technology of development, formation, mobile screen, npv, demand, expediency.


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