Characterization of waste piles by surveying and geodetic measurements

N. Feofanov1, A. Feofanov2

1Mine named after К.І. Kiselev «Torezanthracite», Chystiakove, Ukraine

2Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Ore Formation of the NAS of Ukraine named after M.P. Semenenko, Kyiv, Ukraine

Coll.res.pap.nat.min.univ. 2020, 60:136-142


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The object of this paper is to develop method for characterization of rock waste piles based on surveying and geodetic measurements, assuming the absence of people on the slopes of waste pile.

Case study approach. Analysis of the established methods for characterization of rock waste piles. Development of effective and equally cost-friendly method that allows employing simple angular and linear measurements and also their processing by formulas of trigonometry to characterize parameters of any waste pile.

Research results. Based on the developed and proposed method that differs in that around the waste pile two closed survey traverses are laid down: one traverse is laid down at the base of the waste pile following its outline and the other – at a distance that ensures visibility of the top of the waste pile from its points. Angle measurements are made on traverse points, and linear measurements are made between traverse points. Based on the obtained measurements we can calculate parameters of the waste pile that include area of the territory occupied by the waste pile, length and slope of its side surface, height of the waste pile, and volume of rocks stored in it.

The scientific novelty. A simple and easily implemented method is justified, which allows characterizing rock waste pile with sufficient accuracy based on conducting surveying and geodetic measurements within its location in the absence of people on the surface of the waste pile.

Practical importance. The developed method deals with industrial and civil engineering and can be used for development of the territories of mining areas for the purpose of efficient use of land surface areas occupied by the operating and abandoned mines. The method is applicable to any dump pile for both of civil and industrial purposes.

Key words: rock waste pile, survey traverse, angular and linear measurements, height of the waste pile, area of the side surface, slope, volume, area of the occupied territory.


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