Kinematic parameters of shovel excavator substantiation

К. Ziborov1, S. Fedoriachenko1, O. Beshta1, I. Lutsenko1, А. Malienko1, S. Khudoliiy1

1Dnipro University of Technology,Dnipro,Ukraine

Coll.res.pap.nat.min.univ. 2020, 62: 156-167


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Purpose. To substantiate the kinematic parameters of a bucket excavator and the use of the obtained data for further use in mechatronic drive systems of the working body to facilitate digging operations, overburden operations and to optimize the technological process at construction sites. The use of the fundamental concepts of the theory of mechanisms and machines, of the theoretical mechanics provides suitable results to software implementation, programming controllers and adaptation obtained analytical dependencies in optimization software environments.

Methodology. The research consists in substantiating the force interaction of the links of the working body of the excavator, determining the kinematic parameters and comparative analysis of systems controlled by mechatronic complexes and traditional hydraulic systems under the control of the operator.

Findings.  The kinematic parameters of the interaction of the working body of the excavator with the rock between the corresponding links of the mechanism are established and substantiated. The forces arising during the working cycle are determined, the equilibrium equations in intermediate positions and the coordinate reference are obtained, according to which the working body must move to maintain the equilibrium state.

Originality. An analytical solution to the problem of substantiating the kinematic parameters of the working body of an excavator with the possibility of software implementation and design optimization using the functions of the Ansys Topology Optimization software is proposed. The resulting dependencies can be transported to mechanisms of a wide range of sizes.

Practical value. The presented methodologies make it possible to optimize the engineering calculation of the parts of the working body of the excavator during the design phase and to assess the convergence of the results of the software implementation of the analytical relationships with the subsequent use of the reference results at the following design phases.

Key words: working body of the excavator, kinematic parameters, mechatronic assistant, software implementation.


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