Optimal bearing profile for mining frame support

E. Fesenko1, Ye. Pavlov1, A. Novak1

1 Metinvest Polytechnic Technical University LLC, Mariupol, Ukraine

Coll.res.pap.nat.min.univ. 2021, 65:69-76


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Objective. Analysis of the characteristics of various configurations rolled profiles and substantiation of the most effective for use in frame supports in mine workings.

Research methods. Based on the analysis of the main characteristics of rolled profiles (moments of resistance to bending and torsion, cross-sectional area and geometric significates), taking into account dimensionless criteria for the efficiency of a profile in bending and torsion and the proposed relative criteria, comparative calculations of the serial metal-roll profiles efficiency were performed.

Findings. The analysis of the use of various profiles of rolled metal for the manufacture of bearing elements of frame supports of mine workings is carried out. The experience of operating supports from special profiles SVP is analyzed and the main disadvantages of this profile are shown. Requirements for the profile for metal frame support are formulated. It has been proven that the most technologically advanced and efficient for use in frame supports is a closed thin-walled square profile, which in bending exceeds the special profiles SVP by 1.5 - 2 times, and in torsion - 16 - 27 times.

The originality. A method for analyzing the characteristics of serial rolled profiles is proposed to determine the most effective metal frame supports as load-bearing elements. To analyze and compare the characteristics of various profiles, it is proposed to use efficiency criteria for bending and torsion and relative criteria that take into account the main static and geometric characteristics of the bearing profiles and allow you to compare any commercially available rolled profiles.

Practical implications. The use of the proposed method for determining the most effective metal profile of rolled products for frame supports of mine workings makes it possible to efficiently use metal, significantly reduce its consumption while maintaining the same bearing capacity of the frame, reduce the weight of its individual elements, labor intensity, cost and time of support erection, increase the speed and stability mine workings.

Keywords: mine working, frame metal support, bearing profile, rolled metal, moment of resistance, bending, torsion.


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