2017, №51

2017, №51


Azaryan V. A., Zhukov S. A.

Justification of the period of training ore mining

Anisimov O. O.

Technological schemes of the formation internal dumps and determination the parameters of excavator`s dumps by working off the deep open pits

Gajdaj A. A., Medyany`k V. Yu., Stroga Y`. S.

Substantiation of the parameters for the development of coal layers with management of quality of miing mass in the conditions of mines of Western Donbass

Goncharov E. A.

Substantiation of schemes of opening of iron ore mines deep in the horizon of Ukraine

Lozhny`kov A. V., Adamchuk A.A.

Research of high angle conveyor use impact on reclamation efficiency at the mining flat deposits

Sy`monenko V. I., Chernyayev O. V., Gry`cenko L. S., Korotkov P. R.

Overload finished products nonmetal quarries in the main transport consumers

Sobko B. E., Kovrov A. S., Cherep A. Yu.

Geomechanical justification of open-pit working area parameters under conditions of high watering

Xomenko O. E., Kononenko M. N., My`ronova Y`. G., Yurchenko K. O.

Ways of technogenic loading decreasing on mining regions of Ukraine

Chernyayev O. V.

Technological aspects of formation resistant at contour and internal dump at development of non-metallic deposits

Shustov A. A.

Identification of technical-and-economic indexes of openpit dump trucks in conjunction with steeply inclined conveyors

Deny`shhenko O. V., Bartashevs`ky`j S. Ye., Rasczvyetayev V. O., Yegorchenko R. R.

Substantiating a design of a mine rail track cleaning system

Ziborov K. A.

Influence of regime parameters of contacting body pair: wheel-rails on clutch coeffcient

Kravchenko Yu. G., Prociv V. V., Pugach R. S.

Temperature field on the surface of the friction from a fast moving heat source

Ropaj V. A., Fedorova I. P.

Rigid characteristics of lifting ropes depending on axial tension

Savchenko Yu. V.

Physical and theoretical basis of the destruction of solid alloys

Nykulyn S. L., Korobko O. V.

Assessing the efficiency of using density maps of geoimage contrast boundaries to forecast geological objects

Bublikov A. V., Mazur R. A., Zybalov D. S.

Method of identification of structure of electrical network of the building

Bublikov A. V., Taran I. O.

The creation of a model of formation of transport flows on the basis theory of systems

Dmytryev V. Y.

Iterative technology of productivity estimation for sands in ore grinding cycles

Koriashkina L. S. , Chernyshenko V. S., Vinohradov M. O., Skrypchenko A. E.

Data Mining methods in analyzing employers requirements for the quality of specialists training

Tkachenko S. M.

Dynamic debugging of the outputs and inputs of the "yes-no" type in the tag memory of comptrollers

Cherevatenko A. P.

Implementation features of algorithms for solving continuous problems of optimal multiplex-partitioning of nonconvex sets

Pustovoi D. S.

The development of aspiration system with high level of air purification from fine dust

Savotchenko O. M., Zberovskyi O. V.

Research of parameters of dust and gas emissions during blasting operations in quarries

Tyshchuk V. Yu.

The effect of coke-chemical processes on air pollution of working zones and development of means of its cleaning and improvement of working conditions

Cheberiachko S. I., Yavorskyi A. V., Yavorska O. O.

Dustiness of air and risk of occupational diseases while shearer and plough coal mining


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