2017, №52

Sobko B. Yu., Chebanov M. O.

Safety parameters bench face dragline at loading of truck

Sobko B. Yu., Cherniaiev A. V., Hrytsenko L.S.

Research of efficiency implementation resource-savings technologies of development eastern area of the Biliaivske kaolin’s deposit

Vinivitin D. V., Sobko B. Yu., Panchenko V. V., Sholokh S. M.

Modeling approach on the operative planning of earth and transportation works in the sales career

Adamchuk A. A.

Method of calculation of main trench parameters during open-cast mining taking into account the terrain

Azarian V. A., Zhukov S. A.

System principles and evaluative criterion for the generalization of ore flows quality control

Anysymov O. A.

Parameters of working edges of deep open pits in formation of the working zone by steep dipping layers

Vlasov S. F., Babenko V. Ye.

Substantiation of methane production method from gas hydrate deposits of the Black sea

Dychkovskyi R. O., Tabachenko M. M., Edgar Cáceres Cabana

Energy of the geotechnological system: problems, prospects for development

Dryzhenko A. Yu., Shustov A. A., Adamchuk A. A., Nykyforova N. A.

Improvement of open-pit mining technology during the sink rate of iron-ore deposits of Ukraine

Lutsenko S. A.

Determination of an open pit performance by ore for various methods of mining operations development

Nesvytailo N. V.

Clarification of methodology for determination of average stripping ratio when determining the final pit

Prokopenko V.I., Cherep A. Yu., Mormul T. M.

Substantiation of the conditions of open pits’ conservation for the development of flat deposits

Symonenko V. I, Cherniaev A. V.

Optimization of application of technological schemes for transportation mountain mass at the development of granite deposits

Symonenko V. I., Anisimov O. O., Hrytsenko L. S.

Research of influence mining enterprises on the environment in development nonmetallic deposits

Skachkov A. A., Zhukov S. A.

Development of modeling fracture rock masses in reverse series well blasting explosives

Shustov O. O.

Modelling of collaboration parameters of feeder-breakers in complex with belt conveyors

Lozhnikov O. V.

Increasing efficiency of lecturing by the British council methods for students of “mining” speciality

Zakharova L. M.

Аnalysis of load variance on the frame support

Kuzmenko A. M., Petlovanyi M. V.

Backfilling massif failure depending on constraction technology

Khomenko O. Ye., Kononenko M. M.

Phenomenon of underground working encapsulation: identification, modeling & appliance

Belmas I. V., Kolosov D. L., Tantsura H. I.

The stress-strain state of the jointless belt of the conveyor feeder

Zhuravel A. Yu., Protsyv V. V., Fedoriachenko S. A.

From the qualitative drilling tool to the effective development of deposits of minerals by underground method

Yvashchenko V. P., Kyryia R. V., Selehei A. N., Holovko V. Y., Rybalchenko M. A., Papanov H. A., Selehei S. N.

Determination of parameters of shield discharge from bunkers of the infinite loading device of the blast furnace

Kyryia R. V., Smyrnov A. N.

Application of the Ritz method in tasks loud speakers at motion of load on branch tubular band conveyer

Kyryia R. V. , Myshchenko T. F.

Determination of carrying capacity of system conveyer transport of coal mines with the guided heat-sink bunkers

Kolosov D. L., Naumenko O. H., Bilous O. I.

Analysis of the influence of a turn of the vessel on the stress distribution in a flat rope of a hoisting engine

Kuzmenko D. Y.

Mathematical simulation of chisel as a transmitter of energy of blow

Monastyrskyi V. F., Monastyrskyi S. V.

Design of quality of band convey-ers with the ribbon of deep the trough

Russkykh V. V., Yavorskyi A. V., Yavorskaia E. A., Korolchuk A. N.

Calculation of optimum parameters of shearer CLS450 in conditions of “Stepnaya” mine PJSC “DTEK Pavlogradugol”

Rybalchenko M. A., Holovko V. Y., Kyryia R. V., Selehei A. N., Tryhub Y. H., Papanov H. A.

Flexible system for formation of multicomponent portions of charge for downloading into the blast furnace

Savchenko Yu. V.

Impulse modification of secondary bar of heterogeneous solid alloys

Selehei A. N., Holovko V. Y., Rybalchenko M. A., Tryhub Y. H., Manachyn Y.A.

Theissue of the information model batch charging into the blast furnace

Vronskyi Yu. Y., Holovko S. D., Dykovenko V. Y., Tretiak A. V.

Substantiation of the method of the cablebelt conveyor geometrical elements relative position surveying during the operating period

Nazarenko V. A., Khalymendyk Yu. M., Dykovenko V. Y.

Research of excavations crosssections deformation, which are supported on waste sites

Meshcheriakov L. I.

Intellectual support of acceptance of decisions in the conditions of vagueness during automation of management by boring complexes

Meshcheriakov L. Y., Prykhodchenko S. D., Zayka L. A.

Algorithmic synthesis of optimum regulators of boring complexes on structure of dynamic models

Us S.A., Stanyna O. D.

Modeling placement of the concentrating industry with continuously distributed resource

Biliaiev M. M., Kozachyna V. A., Oladipo Mutiu Olatoe

Reducing of environmental pollution during coal transportation

Biliaev M. M., Kalashnykov Y. V., Martynenko Y. A.

Numerical model for territorial risk assessment in the case of chemical agent emission during accident

Dmytruk O. O.

Physico-chemical essence of the process formation land-fill gas from solid household waste

Zberovskyi O. V., Zhuravel A. V., Shmehovatei K. Ye., Zberovska T. V.

The results of the study of the influence of atmospheric precipitation on the territory pollution in the сity of Kamyanske

Kovrov O. S., Buchavyi Yu. V., Fedotov V. V., Rudchenko A. H.

Method of the landslide risk assessment for natural slopes at the gully-ravine network of the Dnipro city

Rets Yu. M.

Estimation of the radioecological state of uranium-breaking enterprises after their closing

Savotchenko O. M., Biliaiev M. M., Zberovskyi O. V.

Interaction of dustemission and steam-water-gas-air reactive jetin blasting operations in quarries

Tyshchuk V. Yu., Kovalova I. B.

Dust suppression methods for coal preparation before coking

Tyshchuk V. Yu., Kovalova I. B., Khudyk M. V.

Development of dust catching method for dry discharge of coke from the ovens

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