2018, №55

Анісімов О. О.

The formation of edges of deep pit by steep dipping layers

Бойко В. В., Кузьменко А. О., Богуцький С. Ю.

Seismic safety of short-term expression on the estimation of a single battery charge

Жуков С. А., Луценко С. А.

Definition of volume of overburden works at increasing the ore performance of the open pit

Зубко С. А., Петлёваный М. В.

Economic feasibility of ore deposit mining method parameters optimization in unstable adjacent strata

Панченко В. В., Ткаченко Л. В., Романенко А. В.

Analytical method of the organization calculation of dump formation at delivery of the rock mass by automobile transport

Прокопенко В. І., Череп А. Ю., Пілова Д. П.

Determination of the potential of the manganese ore complex of Ukraine under current market conditions

Симоненко В. І., Черняєв О. В., Гриценко Л. C., Черняєва О. В.

Technological parameters for the development of non-metallic careers with conveyor transport of raw materials in the internal entertainment

Скачков А. А.

Spatial orientation energy of the combined borehole charges with differentiated energy saturation of the rock massif

Собко Б. Ю., Ложніков О. В.

Systematization of non-ore mineral quarries of ukraine suitable to non-blasting mining

Собко Б. Е., Кардаш В. А.

Conditions of the use of bucket-wheel excavators in the development of overburden watered Motronyvsky load

Собко Б. Ю., Чебанов М. О.

Influence of physical and mechanical properties of soils on cut width of a dragline while truck loading

Судаков А. К., Колосов Д. Л., Судакова Д. А.

Results of introduction of thermomechanical technology of insulation of absorbing horizons of drilling wells

Фальштинський В. С., Дичковський Р. О., Кононенко М. М., Юрченко К. О., Edgar Cáceres Cabana

Usage of secondary and renewable resources in a mining energy-chemical complex (MECC)

Федоренко С. О., Жуков С. О., Заярський Р. С., Тітов Д. А.

Conversion perspectives of the mine companies under conditions of intermediate quarry fields of iron ore deposit

Бойко В. В., Ган А. Л., Ган О. В.

Surfacing sunflowers by improved charges of small density

Гавриш А. B., Колосов Д. Л.

The longitudinal oscillation suppression and the liquid launch vehicle tank’s dampeners schematic parameters optimization

Гавриш A. В., Колосов Д. Л.

The hydraulic impact and alleviation phenomena numeric modeling in the industrial pumped pipelines

Демченко Ю. І., Соцков В. О., Сулаев В. І., Михайлик С. В.

Investigation of the influence of the technological factors on the filtration processes in the zones disturbed by mining workings

Дербаба В. А.

Uncertainty of measurements with control of geometric parameters of gear wheels

Захарова Л. М., Назимко І. В.

Complex of approaches providing transition of micro-fault

Колосов Д. Л., Самуся В. І., Білоус О. І., Бобильова І. Т.

Stress-strain state of a flat tractive-bearing element of lifting and transporting machine considering an influence of a complex of factors

Налисько Н. Н.

Parameters of the impact of shock air waves through the connection of extended channels

Прядко Н. С., Музыка Л. В., Терновая Е. В.

Regression analysis of the experimental results of the jet mill operation with acoustic monitoring

Савченко Ю. В.

Progressive a drilling tool with high of resources and properties

Ширін Л. Н., Коровяка Є. А., Посунько Л. М., Расцвєтаєв В. О., Шаріна B. C.

Widening of the efficient application area of overhead monorails while inclined coal seam mining

Кожевников А. А., Науменко Н. А.

Determination of the bottom of a tube filter with round perforation

Коряшкіна Л. С., Михальова О. О., Свіріпа Б. Р., Череватенко А. П.

Interactive map of optimal multiplex-partitioning of a given region

Мищенко И. И., Зуска А. В.

A priority evaluation of the accuracy of some parameters of affine transformation of plane rectangular coordinates

Назимко В. В., Захарова Л. М., Чеснокова О. В.

Nonstationary dynamics of the gas filtration around an underground opening

Біляєв М. М., Славінська О. С., Кириченко Р. В.

Numerical simulation of polluted air suction near the road

Беляев Н. Н., Калашников И. В., Машихина П. Б.

Numerical model to solve conjugate problems in atmosphere pollution

Біляєв М. М., Лемеш М. В., Савіна О. П., Цуркан В. В.

Biological wastewater treatment in aeration tanks

Біляєв М. М., Русакова Т. І.

Forecasting of local pollution zones near the motorway taking into account the vegetation

Голінько В. І., Дубенчук М. Є., Чеберячко С. І., Радчук Д. І., Яворська О. О.

Studying protective properties of РПА half-mask with aerosol filters by various manufacturers

Клименко Т. К., Ступак А. Г., Гупало С. Ф.

Biological and ecological features of invasive species Acer Negundo L.in urban phytocenosis of industrial city

Колесник В. Є., Павличенко А. В., Холоденко Т. Ф.

Integrated assessment of the environmental hazard level of technologies of drilling and blasting operations with using emulsion explosives in quarries

Малковски П., Тимошенко Е., Халимендик А.

Coal quality and its influence on dust emission to the atmosphere during it combustion

Тищук В. Ю., Ковальова І. Б.

The development of means for cleaning coke gases off hydrogen sulphide

Чеберячко С. І., Яворська О. О., Чеберячко Ю. І., Книш І. М.

Problems while testing protective properties of filtering respirators