2020, №62



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B. Sobko, V. Kardash

Creation of a digital three-dimensional mining-geological model of the Motronivsko-Annivsky placer


O. Anisimov

The method of determining the direction of deepening of a pit floor


D. Zaikina, N. Schwager

Modernization of complex of technical solutions by means of implementing device for transmitting an alarming signal of RFID tag 


O. Lozhnikov, R. Dychkovskyi

Substantiation parameters of man-caused deposit in pit internal dumpat the placer deposits surface mining


D. Malashkevych, M. Petlovanyi, N. Postol, M. Postol

Analysis of the mined coal quality and ways of enhancement it in the Western Donbas mines


I. Sadovenko, A. Zahrytsenko, N. Dereviahina

Justificationof options of ecological protection of mine field areas in conditions of groundwater level recovery


V. Tymoshchuk, Y. Sherstiuk, А. Lozovyi

Comprehensive assessment of the hydrodynamic and geomechanical state of the eastern side of PJSC "INGZK" open pit according to prospective mining expanding


E. Fesenko, Ye. Pavlov

Validation of the use of mine roof rocks explosive unloading to increase the efficiency of metal frame support


Yu. Cheberiachko, O. Boyko, I. Knish, A.Yurchenko, O. Shustov

Estimation of adjustment density elastomeric half-mask to the face


L. Shyrin, I. Iniutkin, A. Shyrin

Directions of methods improvement of assessing operational indicators of load haul dump machines in the development of uranium deposits


O. Ivanenko, A. Trypolskyi, M. Gomelya, V. Radovenchik, T. Overchenko

Kinetics of the process of oxidation of carbon monoxide on a zeolite-based manganese oxide catalyst


А. Pavlуchenko, О. Haidai, V. Firsova, V. Ruskykh, I. Tkach

Technological directions of coal enrichment waste processing


I.Belmas, D. Kolosov, T. Chechel, O. Vorobiova, O. Chernysh

Influence of change during the mechanical properties of rubber on the stressed state of a rubber traction body with a damaged cable


К. Ziborov, S. Fedoriachenko, O. Beshta, I. Lutsenko, А. Malienko, S. Khudoliiy

Kinematic parameters of shovel excavator substantiation


Yu. Kravchenko, S. Patsera

Calculation of the components of cutting force on the front surface of the abrasive grain


V. Moklyak, А. Hrubiak, A. Koveria, О. Svietkina

Mechanisms of electrochemical activity in lithium powersources based on nanocompositesof FeF3 / Fe2O3


S. Shatov, I. Matsyuk, E. Shlyahov

Construction of closed lightweight gears


D. Kolosov,O. Bilous, H. Tantsura,  S. Onyshchenko, O. Chernysh

Influence of deviations oflocation of mining hoistvessel on stressed state of head rubber-cablerope

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