2021, №67



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A. Adamchuk, O. Shustov
Justification of the unloading scheme of trucks with through passage for the purpose of land saving in deep open-cast mines

V. Kuvaiev, I. Mladetskyi, M. Kuvaiev, O. Berezniak
Hydraulic separation in spiral classifiers. Part 2. Methodology for calculating technological indicators of a spiral classifier overflow

O. Medvedіeva, B. Blyuss, V. Medianyk, L. Tatarko
Development of technologies of hydraulic mechanization to extend the operation life of enrichment waste storage

Ye. Rudniev, V. Galchenko, Е. Filatieva, М. Antoshchenko
Coal grade as an indicator of metamorphism and hazardous properties of coal seams

Ye. Rudniev, V. Galchenko, Е. Filatieva, М. Antoshchenko
Elemental hydrogen content and forecast of hazardous properties of coal seams

Yu. Kravchenko, S. Patsera
Stress distribution along the flank wear surface of the bladeduring cuttingoperation

Y. Shcherbyna, V. Derbaba, V.Kozechko
Resistance criteria of a cutting tool for high-speed processing

H. Ivanova, K. ZhabchykІ
Prospects of using metallized pellets as aggregates for heavy concretes

D. Laukhin, Y. Zaiats, L. Dadiverina, O. Beketov, I. Matsiuk, A. Tverdohleb
Rationalization of combination of individual production processes as a factor of reduction of duration of implementation of innovative building products

M. Nalysko, A. Belikov, L. Maladyika, L. Bartashevska
Control of flow by shock air waves in underground structures

P. Baranov, O. Slyvna, S. Shevchenko, R. Kіrin
Criteria for amber quality assessment basingon the principle of comparison with consumer properties

A. Pavlychenko, A. Ihnatov, Ye. Koroviaka, S. Bartashevskyi, I. Korotka, M Mekshun
Fundamentals of organizing a hydraulic well cleaning system

L. Shyrin, S. Bartashevsky, R. Yehorchenko
Specific features of monitoring and maintaining of technical conditions of mine degassing pipelines in terms of mining intensification

А. Malienko, G.Diachenko, I. Lutsenko, S. Fedoriachenko, К. Ziborov, I. Koshelenko
Energy efficient structure and hardware of bucket excavator subsystem and hydraulic control system

A. Uzhelovsky, V. Uzhelovsky, V. Tkachov, G. Kravets
Simulation model of device for automatic orientation optimization in solar battery space


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