2019, №59



Editorial Board


B. Sobko, O. Lozhnikov

Investigation of the inpit dump tailings influence on the disturbed lands using indexes

A. Adamchuk, O. Shustov, V. Panchenko, М. Slyvenko

Substantiation of the method of determination the open-cast mine final contours taking into account the transport parameters

N. Nesvitaylo

The definition of rational direction of mining development with increasing open pit depth "Katoka"

V. Sotskov, N. Dereviahina

The rational parameters of backfilling of the worked-out area definition at the selective coal mining

V. Boiko, O. Han, V. Kravets, А. Han

The influence of ultrasonic radiation on the dynamic characteristics of foamed explosive compositions

O. Zhuravel

Justification of factors influencing the creation and implementation of boring corons

A. Feofanov

Pop-up cavities

V. Franchuk, K. Ziborov, S.Fedoriachenko, М.Tsonda

Determination of electric vehicle parameters for turning while sideways

S. Mineev, D. Pymonenko, L. Novikov, A. Slashchov

Some features of transportation and processing of a metano-air mixture on coal mines

I. Sadovenko, A. Puhach, N. Dereviahina, E. Manukian

Development of recommendations on strengthening of bases of foundations considering spatial change of parameters of loess massifs during technogenic filtration