2020, №61



Editorial Board



B. Sobko, O. Lozhnikov

Investigation influencing factors on the technological chart choosing at the surface mining of flooded titanium zirconium deposits

А. Kurliak

Determining the ignition property of a test sample of a safety emulsion explosive of class IV

О. Masyk, О. Kuchin, О. Belichenko

Investigation of subsidence process angular parameters during secondary underworking in the conditions of Western Donbas

S. Cheberiachko, О. Yavorska, A. Yavorskyi, M. Naumov, M. Ikonnikov

Development of safety work system at mining enterprises

О. Cherniaiev

Substantiation of rational development depth for non-metallic mineral deposits with internal dumping

Ya. Shavarskyi

The issue of increasing the efficiency of mining on sloping layers

V. Bondarenko, О. Filonenko

Analysis of the accumulation and influence of metallurgical slag to the environment

Y. Voytenko, O. Levytska

Residential areas environmental safety improvement in the atmospheric air intensive pollution zones

O. Kovrov, V. Omelchenko, A. Kozachenko

Analysis of air pollutants chemical transformation in the atmosphere of urban and industrial territories

V. Kolesnyk, А. Pavlуchenko, І. Moniuk

Assessment of resource-saving and environmental effects in the system «boiler room – heat consumers – environment» from insulation of external walls of houses

А. Pavlуchenko, Y. Buchavyi, А. Khalak

Forecasting of atmospheric air pollution rates from drilling and blasting operations on iron mining quarries

K. Ziborov, N. Rott, T. Pismenkova, S. Fedoriachenko

Quality as an object of modern industrial production management

V. Kukhar, О. Kurpe

Determination of rheological analogy of lead and steel for flat hot-rolled products

D. Laukhin, L. Dadiverina, A. Tverdohleb, I.Matsyuk

Analysis of additive 3D-printing technologies application in the construction industry

O. Zhuravel

Substantiation of extension of zones of application of new drilling cores in mining production technologies

Yu. Kravchenko, V. Derbaba, D. Smagin

Determination and relationship between shift and friction angles in chapter formation

V. Petrenko, M. Netesa, O. Tiutkin, O. Gromova, P. Kirichenko

Mathematical models in water supply and water discharge problems

V. Chigirinsky, O. Naumenko, A. Ovchynnykov

New approaches to solving plane problems of continuum mechanics in polar coordinates using the argument functions method