2019, №57



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A. Adamchuk, O. Shustov, A. Shustova, V. Tertyshnyi

Research of working area development parameters in conditions of deep steep deposit finalizing

I. Sadovenko, A. Inkin, N. Dereviahina, Yu. Hriplivec

Geological and economical prospectives of developing geothermal energy in Ukraine

P. Saik, V. Lozynskyi, V. Falshtynskyi, M. Demydov, K. Hanushevych

Research into heat and mass indicators of coal gasification process

V. Symonenko, S. Savenkov

The organization of mining works  in the development of non-metallic quarry abrupt layers

B. Sobko, O. Lozhnikov

Determination flooded pit mining parameters at the implementation floating wet concentrator plant

V. Falshtynskyi, A. Koshka, V. Sulaiev

Research at the stand of technology of underground coal gasification through wells (UCGW)

V. Fomychov, V. Sotskov

Conduction and analysis of results of computational experiments to determine the effectiveness functioning structures section powered supports

A. Bohdanov, V. Zakora

Choice of a rational strategy of measurement of details on a coordinating measuring machine Mora Primus 564

B. Morklyanyk, V. Shapoval, O. Khalymendyk, O. Ivaskevych, V. Lavreniuk

Prospects for the use of underground structures as a source of thermal energy

A. Bublikov

The algorithm of fuzzification of the input value of fuzzy system of automatic control of the executive body of shearer on coal seam hypsometry

L. Meshcheriakov, O. Galushko, O. Syrotkina, O. Demidov

Recognition of technological states of drum mills on the basis of neuron networks of adaptive resonance

О. Bezshhasnyj, О. Stolbchenko

Software calculation of industrial mechanical ventilation

M. Biliaiev, I. Kalashnikov, V. Kozachina, O. Berlov

Mathematical and descrete models in the tasks of emergency pollution of atmospheric air

M. Biliaiev, T. Rusakova

Comprehensive assessment of the industrial inputs impact on the pollution level of indoor airspace

V. Golinko, D. Saveliev, I. Cheberiachko, D. Pustovoi

Reducing the concentration of fine dust when driving mine workings with the use of explosive energy

A. Pavlуchenko, Yu. Buchavyi, O. Angurets, P. Кhazan

Prospectives of operational information system implementation for industrial cities population about the atmospheric air quality by international standards

A. Yurchenko, D. Kulikova, E. Dmitruk, L. Cheberiachko, I. Bezpiatyi

Municipal solid waste landfills biogas utilization

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