2019, №58



Editorial Board


B. Sobko, O. Lozhnikov

The disturbed lands use factor influence on the technological schemes investment assessment at the mining titanium deposits

B. Sobko, V. Panchenko, V. Lotous, D. Vinivitin

Systematization of strategies of surface mining of mineral deposits

V. Azarian

The foundation of the structural and functional scheme of quality management technology of the generalized iron ore complex flows at mining and concentrating plants

О. Anisimov

General methods of managing the front of mining operations with working out the sides with steep dipping layers

D. Vinivitin, M. Nazarenko, S. Sholokh, V. Panchenko

Development of a dynamic approach to solving the problems of operational planning of mining and transport work in the iron ore surface mine

S. Zhukov, S. Lutsenko

Studying the influence of ore quarry productivity and development system parameters on intencity of field mining

V. Mamray, V. Korobiichuk, V. Shlapak, S. Iskov, A. Panasiuk

Determination of dimension stone cutting productivity by disk saw cutting machines

N. Nesvitaylo, G. Pedro

Systematization and analysis of factors, determining eventual depth of quarry

V. Prokopenko, A. Cherep, D. Pilova

Modern ecologycal and economic approach to choice of development of mineral deposit

A. Skachkov, D. Titov, S. Zhukov

Control industrial experiments of explosion methods of rocks with differentiated energy saturation of mass

O. Strilets, G. Pchelkin

Substantiation of the seismically safe mass of the group of drill charges during explosive works on the construction of metro tunnels

V. Fomychov, V. Sotskov, A. Zaporozhets, I. Nazarov

Analysis of the stress distribution changes in the rock mass including coupling of extractive and development workings while variating the geometric laying parameters

O. Shustov, S. Moldabayev, A. Adamchuk

Determination the scope of work and terms of commissioning elements of the cyclic-and-continuous technology complexes

O. Shustov, M. Petlovanyi, S. Zubko, Ye. Sherstuk

Geomechanical problems of stability of natural-technogenic ore deposits

D. Kolosov, S. Onyshchenko, O. Bilous, H. Tantsura

Patterns of stress-strain state of head rubber-cable rope considering influence of disturbed shaft geometry

V. Kravets, K. Ziborov, K. Bass, V. Krivda, S. Fedoriachenko

Combinatorial method for determining the optimum flow distribution plan for mining and municipal an electric vehicle and charging stations

S. Tkachenko

The moist removing control of the grain dryer with a gravitational moving layer

D. Zaikina

Justification of perspective directions for ensuring economic security in the occupational health and safety

A. Shapar, P. Kopach

Strategic approaches of environmentally friendly technologies application