2021, №65



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S. Vlasov, S. Timchenko, Y. Moldavanov
Analysis of geological conditions of distribution and features structures of sandstone laying in the roof development of coal layers in conditions in the conditions of Western Donbass mine

O. Kuchin, O. Zgama, A. Barichnikov
Analysis of the determination accuracy of mineral volumes in dumps using modern application software

Ye. Pavlov, E. Fesenko, A. Novak
Increasing the stability of mining products by redistributing the load on the frame support

Ye. Pavlov, E. Fesenko, A. Novak
Influence of the value of hollows of fixing space of arch support on stability of mining structure

P. Saik
Methodology for adapting the results of laboratory research on coal gasification to full-scale conditions

E. Fesenko, Ye. Pavlov, A. Novak
Influence of main mining-geological and mining-technical parameters on rock destruction processes in the foot wall of mine workings

E. Fesenko, Ye. Pavlov, A. Novak
Optimal bearing profile for mining frame support

A. Khorolskyi, E. Frentsel, O. Mamaikin
Development of a model of reproduction of internal reserves of coal mines

D. Laukhin, O. Beketov, Y. Slupska, E. Babenko, N. Rott, V. Dytiuk
Metallographic analysis of potential areas of destruction initiation of the zone of thermal impact of low-carbon steels after laser welding

О. Loskutov, V. Ovsyanikov, V. Protsiv, V. Hryhorenko
Process of expansion in production technologies of of large diameter pipes for main oil and gas pipelines and metal scientific aspects of its use

V. Protsiv, V. Kozechko, V. Derbaba, O. Bochdanov
Modern polymeric materials and technologies in 3D printing

V. Franchuk, D. Laukhin,K. Ziborov, N. Rott, S.Fedoriachenko
Influence of thermophysical processes occurring in the zone of moving contact on the mechanical properties of the surface layer of materials

N. Zuievska, L. Shaidetska, V. Gubashova, M. Altalabani
Optimization of geotechnical building parameters for stabilization of stress-strain state of soil mass

A. Ihnatov, Ye. Koroviaka, V. Rastsvietaiev, V. Yavorska, О. Dmytruk, S. Shypunov
Main features of drilling operations while constructing curved wells

A. Bublikov, O. Boyko, Ye. Voskoboinyk, I. Kolysnychenko
Automatic control of temperature in the room of the building using the combined regulator

S. Krasovskyi, O. Kovrov, I. Klimkina
Phytoremediation of coal dumps of the Western Donbass

N. Maksymova, D. Pikarenia, V. Katsevych, O. Orlinska, I. Chushkina,T. Makarova, H. Hapich 
The influence of dump rock of the granite quarry on the quality of soils of adjacent areas

M. Fortuna, O. Borysovska
Assessment of water pollution by microplastic

A. Mulina, А. Pavlуchenko
Study of the motor transport influence on the thermal regime of the territories adjacent to highways

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